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Volunteering is a great thing to do in any community but when you see assets being willingly vandalised it makes you wonder what kind of person/s you are dealing with.

Graffiti damage to newly donated sign

Over the past week, we have had a newly erected sign at Toongabbie graffitied.

The sign was a donation from the Wellington Latrobe Lions Club to the Rail Trail. This same club works hard to raise funds in the community and it’s appalling to see their good work wasted.

The sign will need replacing and another $300 has to be found.

Falls Creek Rserve Sign Graffitied
Falls Creek Reserve sign that was recently donated by the Wellington Latrobe Lions Club is now graffitied

Vandalism to beloved donated seat

The other occurrence was perpetrated at Burnetts Road Traralgon where a 4wdrive smashed a seat that was donated to the Rail Trail by the Greening Australia volunteers who planted trees and cleaned up the whole trail of dumped junk 12 months ago.

The seat was their pride and joy.

At the same time, there was a branch cut down to lever a pipe off the trail. The pipe was a donation from a local also.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour and a disappointment to everyone who loves the Rail Trail – especially those who volunteer their time to continually maintain the trail for the community.

We are asking anyone who may have seen anything or heard something in the community to please reach out to us via our contact page HERE