Paterson’s curse (Echium plantagineum) has been seen growing in Traralgon. This is a weed which is uncommon in our area and we want to prevent it from becoming established. The plants are flowering and setting seed now (January 2017).
INFORM CONTRACTORS • Inform them that Patterson’s curse is in Traralgon • For all jobs, ask them to ensure their machinery is clean of grass and soil before attending your job. • For Traralgon jobs, ask them specifically to clean down machinery on site before moving on to the next job. • It is an offence under the Catchment and Land Protection Act to hire contaminated machinery, remove contaminated soil or fodder, or deposit on land any part of a Paterson’s curse plant that is capable of germinating.
IF YOU SEE IT • On Council managed land, please control it, or let someone know that can.  • On private property (other than in already known sites) please contact Jane LLoyd, Coord. Environment Sustainability, 0407 593 510 so the owners can be informed. • Schedule jobs at in known Paterson’s curse areas so machinery can be cleaned before moving on to the next job.
It is already known to be occurring in: • Marshalls Road housing estates/ development area (Traralgon) • Hazelwood Road development area (Traralgon) • Cnr Shakespeare St & High St area (Traralgon)
OHS • Bristles can irritate your skin, wear gloves for handling. • The pollen is also a known allergen for hay fever sufferers.
CONTROL • Herbicide is effective – follow-up to ensure plants have died. • Hand-hoeing, pulling and cutting can be used to remove isolated plants provided the growing tip and the top 20 to 40 cm of the tap root are removed, otherwise regrowth may occur. • Don’t leave flowering plants on the ground once removed, the seed can still mature on hand-pulled, hoed or cut plants. • Cutting the flower stalks off, without any other control, will encourage more flower stalks to grow. • Seeds survive in the soil for up to five years, re- check sites in future years if possible.
DISPOSE • Tie plants securely in a plastic bag and place them in the garbage bin.  • OR They can be taken to PineGro/put in a Latrobe City green bin. The commercial hot composting process will kill Paterson’s curse seeds. • Be careful that flowering plants and seeds aren’t spread around in transfer, and avoid contaminating your machinery with them.

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