Macalister Hotel, Maffra

Situated on the east banks of the Macaslister River, this is the first or last business you will encounter in Maffra, depending on your direction of travel.

The Macalister Hotel is the only true hotel in town, and is housed in one of Maffra's oldest and most historic buildings. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, which makes kicking back with a 'cold one' all the more enjoyable. There is an extensive menu in the dinning room, which seats 150. The hotel is known far and wide for its decious pub-style meals, so you'll not be disappointed. They will even do take-away for those in a rush.

For those wishing to stay over night (or longer), the hotel has six rooms in their accommodation wing, which are clean and moderately priced.



  • Street: 2 Johnson Street
  • City: Maffra. 3860
  • State: Victoria


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